Sunday, 18 November 2012


Well, if you've been following this blog, you'll know that my idea was to see if I could work various reward systems such that I could get a top holiday at a small fraction of its true value.  you'll also know that health issues have stymied my plans to go away as intended.  However the intention is to use these rewards in the spirit of my original intentions at some point in the future.  I will shortly indicate what I would be booking, if I was in a position to comit to a holiday.

But first, I want to pass on some novel ways I have recently used to get more points into the various reward schemes I'm collecting with.

Extra points gain for either zero cost, or very little cost...

1) As a Intercontinental Ambassador (costs $150 a year to be ambassador status, and it more than pays for itself in the free night, 5000 PCR reward points and upgrades), I received an offer to fill in a very short online survey, with a reward of 1000 PCR points.

2) American Express Membership rewards has provided loads of offers lately. Remember, the big advantage of getting MR points is that you keep them as MR points, and then covert them to one of 15 or so airline/hotel loyalty points as and when you determine which ones you need.  Also Amex occasional runs promotions giving 30,40 or even 100% bonus for converting into BA avios, so its best to keep them as MR points until a bonus comes along (and of course MR points NEVER expire).

Anyhow the first offer from MR was 5000MR points if you open a foreign exchange account and transfer a minimum of £100. The fee they charge is £10, so if like me you happen to have an overseas account, you get 5000MR points for £10. Those 5000MR can be converted later on into 5000 BA Avios. Purchasing 5000 Avios on BA's website would cost £95 !.

The second offer from Amex, was get 500 bonus MR points if you do make any purchase using your MR points. I transferred some MR points to my starwoods account. Cost Zero.

The third offer was get 1000 points for spending with Mr Porter (one of the clothing outlets assoicated with AMEX). The cheapest thing at Mr Porter was a pair of socks @£8, with free delivery. Cost of those points was therefore £8, with a free pair of socks thrown in.

The last offer was a promotion I received from Amex that if I spend £2000, on my amex card in the month of November, they'll give me 4000 bonus MR points. As long as you have the spend to do anyway, the cost of these points is Zero.

Remember in all of the above, there is a possibility that the value of the points received will double, if Amex at some time give a 100% bonus offer for transferring.

3) Tesco.  Recall that Tesco allow you to transfer their reward points into either BA or Virgin miles. Tesco also have some history of offering transfer bonuses from time to time.

The first Tesco offer was 1000 tesco rewards coupon for 1st online shop. 1000 tesco points convert into 2400 BA Avios.

The second offer was purchasing of pre-orders of Grand Theft Auto 5, at a cost of £5 each, which gave 500 bonus points. Buy 2 and you get 1000 points for £10.

So, adding all the above up, I get the equivalent of  15,300 BA avios at a cost of £28, or 0.18p per Avios, WITHOUT any transfer bonuses.

But enough of post is the envisoned holiday.

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