Thursday, 24 January 2013


In the next post, I'll continue laying out my holiday itinery plans. But I'd like to advise you of a few creative ways I've used recently to enhance my points tally.  In total, the following three exploits have accrued me 11,000 Tesco points and 37,000 American Express MR points, for a total outlay of £69.48. That works out at 0.11p per BA avios !

  1. Blinkbox sign-up.  Blinkbox is owned by Tesco these days. They ran a promotion that would give you 1000 tesco clubcard points if you signed up to blinkbox and rented 2 movies, one of which had to be full price. Full price is £3.49, cheapest is 99p, so for £4.48 you get 1000 tesco points, or .449p per point. Regular readers will know by now that Tesco allows you to transfer their points to either Avios, and for 1000 points you'd get 2400 Avios, .19p per mile. Or you could transfer to Virgin Miles, 1000 Points get you 2500 Virgin miles normally, but at the moment Tesco has a transfer bonus for virgin miles, giving you 50% more, so in this case 3750 Virgin miles gives a measly cost per Virgin mile of 0.12p.
  2. Points for Empties. Tesco has an ink cartridge recycling deal in place. For every eligible cartridge you send to their recycler, they will give you 100 points, up to max of 100 cartridges a year. The T&C state that the cartridges should be from personal use. However, some have purchased empty cartridges and sent in bulk shipments. If you can get, say 100 cartridges @ £1 each, that £100 for 10,000 tesco points, or 24000 BA miles, 0.4p per mile, assuing no transfer bonus. Thats more than is needed for a return flight business class from Heathrow to Rome. I managed to snag 100 for £65 giving me 0.27p per mile.
  3. Cardholder, Refer thyself ! American Express, as you know, give you some points if you are successful in finding someone to refer for a card. You are not supposed to be able to refer yourself and get referral points, but I have just managed to refer myself for the free gold card (have already got a platinum card), and I've got the referral bonus, an easy 37K MR points (12K for referring someone, 22K for being referred, having spent 2K on the card).  I'm counting myself lucky, its most likely a fluke, as I wanted the card anyway, so thought I'd give it a go.  Of course, if anyone has some spend to do, and doesn't have a gold card at present, the gold card is the way to go. The card is free, and if you get it via a referral, you get 22K points after you spend £2K. I'd be most grateful if you would consider using the link on the right of this page, you get an extra 2K referral points (22K in total), and I get 12K for referring you, helps the cause and goes towards me keeping this blog going.

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