Thursday, 7 February 2013



(ALL GONE...AND NOTE as off 4th March, referral bonus for plat is down to 2000 points !)
As you may have read in my Challenge posting that started this blog, my entire points gathering exercise began by taking out an American Express platinum credit card. At the time I took it out, the fee was £300, its now £450, which is really quite expensive, however note the following:-
1) When you spend £2000 in the first 3 months you will get 52,000 Member Reward points, which can be converted into BA Avios or Virgin miles.
2) The card comes with travel insurance that many will find very useful
3) It also includes excellent car hire insurance coverage. You only need to get the most basic cover from your car hire company whilst abroad, the card will cover the rest.
4) You can apply for Cathay pacific gold card, which is equivalent to BA silver status, which gets you access to BA business lounges.
5) For airports that don't have BA lounge, they provide priority pass which gets you and a guest into 700+ airport lounges around the world.
The card also comes with other benefits such as gold status with club Carlson and SPG hotel groups. But if you JUST want the 52K points, once you do the spend and the points appear on your credit card, you can cancel the card and get pro-rate refund. So if you keep the card for 3 months, you'll get £330ish refund when you cancel. The points would cost you £120. Get the whole thing wrapped up in two months and those 52,000 BA Avios will cost you £75.
But for a limited number of referrals, I can sweeten the deal a lot.......

Via a glitch that was available for a day on American Expresses website, I find myself the proud owner of 3 2 1 brand new, seal wrapped Dyson DC34 hand held vacuums.
Dyson's own website prices these at £149.99
The cheapest prices on eBay are around £130
So, if you are one of the next three two people person I successfully refer for an American Express platinum charge card, I will give you one of these Dysons. The way I see it everyone wins, I get a referral, you get a gift worth £130, and American Express gets a new customer. For this offer, DON'T click the link on the right of this page, rather email me (goingonrewards @, and we will work from there.
Hurry, The latest info is that the 52K points for a referral will end at the start of March, and in any case once these 3  this Dyson is gone, it is gone ! Good Luck !

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