Sunday, 24 March 2013



This is the last part of my multi-post detailing my itinerary for a rewards based holiday. You can see the earlier posts in this series, PART1PART 2 and PART 3

Last time, I was in Maui, staying 5 nights at a great Starwood's property.

The next leg of the journey would take us to our final destination, San Diego.




Although not part of the One World Airline Alliance, Alaska Airlines has an agreement with BA such that BA Avios can be used to book Alaska Flights. Alaska flies direct from Maui to San Diego, which is great. Also taxes are almost non-existent on these type of redemptins.

Cost in Cash if booking business class today: £980
Cost to me:75K Avios plus £30 in taxes

SPG has a nice property here, the Westin US Grant. Its right beside the Horton Plaza shopping Mall and in the vicinity of the Gas lamp quarter. Even the basic room type that you get on a rewards booking looks quite inviting

Cost in cash for 4 nights in a Superior room:£840
Cost to me: 48K SPG points.

The last leg of the journey, SAN->LHR-BHD has already been priced, as it forms the return leg of the main BA fare that was included in the first part of this multi-part posting.

Total Spend comparision

the following is a table showing how much the holiday described over the four postings in the series would have cost paying fully in cash, and how much it would cost paying in so far as possible with points with various loyalty programmes.

So amazingly, I have priced a holiday for 2 people that would cost over £28500 if paid in cash, and using points that I acquired, shown that I can have the exact same holiday for around £3900. Other than the time and effort involved in collecting the points, I am guessing I spent £1000 in phones, and ink carts and other things in getting the points required. So thats a total outlay of £4900. In other words, I have discounted the price of the holiday by an amazing 83%.


If you have stayed with me to the end, I hope you find that it has been a brilliant excerise to show just how much holiday you can get for your loyalty points. Yes, it takes time and effort to apply for the various credit cards, to watch out for the promotions and ways to accelerate your points earnings, but the rewards can be fantastic.

I will continue to post to this blog on an occasional basis, as I find other ways of enhancing the various rewards points that I am collecting, and hope you continue to find it useful.


  1. hey one thing, did you not use the 2-4-1 BA voucher?

    1. Well, yes and yes.

      On the Trip of a lifetime, It was used to book the BHD-LHR-LAX
      SAN-LHR-BHD ticket. That would normally cost 250K for two people. I describe it's use in the first posting which you can see here:-

      If you are asking what I am actually using it for (as this trip proved too much travelling for me since my illness), I have tentativelly used it to book a trip to Miami and Cancun, but I'll feature that trip in a future posting

  2. Have you thought about a post with the above table with links to all posts, to help those lazy people... (like me!)

  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I've updated this posting to provide links to the other three posts in the series.