Monday, 6 May 2013


Gotta keep those points flowing in.

Thought I'd update this blog with some of the ways I've been bringing in extra points, for much below the cost value of said points.

 Tesco is the staple means to increase your Avios (and/or Virgin points).  over the last few months they have run a few offers of cheap PC games, giving 500 points for each game ordered. The best value ones were £6 games. 500 Tesco points equates to 1200 BA Avios. So at a cost of £6.00, that works out at 0.5p per avios, very good value.  Tesco seems to have caught onto this, as these offers are not appearing as often as they were. I managed to buy 6 games. £36 for 3000 Tesco points = 7200 Avios.
Another points generating scheme for me, again with Tesco Direct, has been their ink cartridge promotion. They currently have a HP364 combo pack, which when bought in pairs cost £22.50 each, and you get 500 points per pair of cartridges. I bought 5 pairs, which costs £225. They had a promo code, £20 of a £200 spend. So that got my cost to £205. That gets me 205 base points plus 2500 bonus points, which convert to 6492 Avios. I put the spend on my Amex gold credit card, which gets me 2 MR points for every £1 spend. Also, I went thru the BA estore, the online portal that gives you bonus avios if you shop via the portal. For Tesco direct the bonus is 2 avios per £1 spent (excludes vat).  So in total, without any transfer bonuses, I get 7242 Avios. I'll sell the inks on ebay, and after costs I reckon I'll lose £3 per cartridge. That's £30 for 7242 Avios, or just over 0.4p per Avios.

This is a website that gives you cashback, if you shop with various online shops via their portal. Recently, they have added the ability to take your cashback in Tesco clubcard points instead of money. CaChing !  SO all I needed to do was to find the cheapest way to generate cashback on the TOPCASHBACK site.  I signed up for Equifax 30-day free trial. As soon as I saw the £5.05 cashback track on the topcashback site, I cancelled the trial. PaddyPower was giving £40 in cashback if you signed up and played £10 in one casino game. I have a couple of Flybe tickets to purchase for £200, which generated £2 in cashback. Total cashback is £47.05 for a £10 outlay (flybe was spend I was going to do anyway).  It'll take this cashback a while before it is payable, but once it is, I can tell topcashback to convert it to Tesco points. £47= £47 in Tesco clubcard points =11280 Avios for an outlay of £10, less than 0.1p per Avios !
If you are new to Topcashback, can I suggest you use any of the links on this page to sign up. In doing so, I'll get a small commission from Topcashback, and I'd be most grateful.
Using the 3 schemes above, I have gotten AT LEAST 25722 Avios for an outlay of £76.  18000 Avios (+£60 in taxes) is enough to get  2 return tickets London->Paris. Cost if buying the cheapest tickets for dates in June would be £320, a saving of £260 for about £50 of my outlay.  The cost of buying 24,000 avios on the Avios website (the max you can buy in anyone year) is £399.
Note that I will hold the points as Tesco and American Express MR points until I absolutely have to convert them to Avios. In the past both Tesco and Amex have run limited time bonus offers for transferring their points into Avios. It is possible that those 25722 Avios will actually turn out to be 35K avios with a bonus transfer.

And, in case you've missed some of my earlier posts, if you don't currently have an American Express credit card, apply for their gold preferred rewards card. There is no membership fee for the first year, and the signup bonus of 22,000 MR bonus is given when you spend £2000 within the first 3 months. Those 22,000 MR points can be transferred to your BA Avios account at a 1:1 rate, so you get 22,000 Avios. If you have £2000 to spend, or can bring some spend forward, its basically free BA Avios miles. The referral link in this paragraph and on the right of this page gets you the 22k signup bonus. If you go to Amex directly, the bonus will be 20k, so you get 2000 extra points for going via my referral. And for full disclosure I do get MR points it you do complete the signup, for which I'd be very grateful.

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