Thursday, 11 July 2013



UPDATE....Tesco has removed the bonus 1000 points offer, so unfortunately the following system no longer works. As it happens, I didn't take advantage of this offer, as the day it became apparent coincided with a major holiday here with many local Tesco stores closed.  It just proves how important it is to act on these opportunities, where possible, as soon as they arise. 

So, anyone who follows this occasional blog will remember my posting regarding TOPCASHBACK, which demonstrated how you could get 12,000 avios for £10 (it's still a valid way of accruing Avios, and you can see the original posting here).

In the same vein, this posting will show you a very simple way of getting over 4,800 avios for £10 outlay. Tesco in-store are allowing you to pre-order Diablo 3 for either PS3 and Xbox 360. You pay £5, and you get the rights to buy a game on launch day (some time in Sept, it actually doesn't matter too much). The important thing is that they are giving 1000 Tesco CC points with every one you pre-order in-store. Note you are not committing to buying the game on launch day, merely buying the option of getting one in-store on launch day. Buy 2 pre-orders and you end up with 2010 Tesco clubcard points, which at the standard transfer rate will turn into 4824 Avios.

Note that Tesco do have history in retrospectively removing points from accounts when multiple games have been purchased, so I'd advise only buying 1 game of each type, per Tesco clubcard account. If you want the game, so much the better, if not, then you have basically bought 4824 Avios for £10. That's less that 0.2p per avios. Worth bearing in mind that Tesco can withdraw these bonus avios offers at very short (read no) notice.

If tesco should repeat an offer they did around a year ago of 50% bonus transfer for transferring from Tesco to Avios, you would end up with 7236 Avios for the £10 outlay !

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