Wednesday, 18 December 2013


This is a follow-up to my posting yesterday on how to get 60K AA miles for £150
You can see that posting HERE

I'll make this one quick, as it'll only apply to a relative minority of people.

To get these free AA miles requires you to

1) Be in the US at some point.
2) Have a US issued credit or debit card.

If so, simply sign up for the AAdvantage dining program, and register your US credit/debit card.  This gets you AA points when you use this card to pay for food&drink at a vast range of restaurants/bars in the US, up to 5 points per dollar spent. Additionally, for your first dine, you get 1000 bonus miles. You enter your AA account number, and the miles get automatically transferred.

On my recent trip to Miami, I pre-registered a US HSBC bank card for the promo, ate at a local Irish bar I'm familiar with in Miami beach (the playwright) for $48ish dollars, and came away with over 1144 miles. The bonus took a little while to post. There were countless casual dining options in Miami, and I'm sure throughout the US.

You don't register with the bar/restaurant, you don't have to preselect which place you want to eat, nor do you have to tell them anything. Just pick a pick a place of the website, and pay using your registered card.

As I say, it'll have limited appeal, but for those that do qualify, its simple and free points, and a great way to top off an AA account for a reward.

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