Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Readers will know that I live in Northern Ireland. From the point of view of redeeming rewards, that's both a good and bad thing. It's bad because most flights of interest start in London Heathrow, given that the best airmiles collection opportunity is from BA. It's good in that I have easy land access to Dublin, and thus can avail of the low taxes redemption offerings out of Dublin from Aer Lingus and American Airlines to the USA. It also allows me to easily start a BA flight from outside of the UK and thus avoid the UK departure tax.

Well, Willie Walsh, the CEO of International Airlines group (the group that owns BA), made an interesting announcement this week, that is a positive to anyone who is similarly based on the island of Ireland. From the end of October, BA flights from Belfast city airport (BHD) and Dublin Airport, will be landing in T5 instead of T1. T1 is closing in a few months anyway.  But the news is good in that it means that if flying out of either of the Irish airports to London to connect internationally on BA, you will now arrive in the same terminal as your international departure, cutting down on transit time.

An added benefit for those that have lounge access, is that on the return journey, you will now be able to have access to all the various BA business lounges whilst you wait for your domestic connection.

Aer Lingus has confirmed that from the summer, their Irish flights will be going into T2 in LHR. This means that their connecting flights with BA are now not as favourable as BA's own flights, flying on Aer Lingus means having to transit between T2 to T5.

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