Saturday, 22 March 2014


AA, in keeping with the increasing trend of companies, has launched a facebook based competition. Collect various "stamps" on your passport, and get bonus AA miles to you account.

I just spend about 10 minutes, and according to the stamps, I now have 610  935 miles. I could make that 1010 miles, but I'm not on instagram, nor did I want to "invite" my friends. Now the T&C says that only US residents are eligible, but these things aren't always well monitored, and for the sake of 10 minutes, I felt it was well worth doing.

No good of course on their own, but if you are a few miles short of a redemption, it might be a handy way of getting over the line.

The link to the competition is HERE . It runs until 23rd of May.


  1. Quick tip - share with your friends and then when the box pops up, in the lower left hand corner you can change the privacy settings. Click custom and then from the drop down box select 'only me'. Then you can share it and earn the miles but it wont appear on anyone elses timeline

  2. Thanks for the tip. Sounds like an easy enough way of getting the extra points without causing "friends" any hassle.