Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Until the 23rd of April, Tesco is giving 2000 bonus Tesco points when you buy any 5th gen Ipod touch. The cheapest one available at the time of writing is a black 16GB, which is £189.

Including the base points, your purchase will generate 2189 Tesco points, which if transferred to your Avios account, will result in you getting 5250 Avios.


If you do your Tesco direct purchase via TOPCASHBACK, you'll get £5.95 in cashback. TOPCASHBACK allows you to convert your cashback into Tesco points, with a 5% bonus. This means that TOPCASHBACK will generate you a further 624 Tesco points, which if transferred to BA Avios will get you around 1500 Avios.

Pay for it using an American Express Gold Card, which gives 2 points per £1 spent @ Tesco direct for the first year, and that's 378 Membership Reward points, which can be transferred 1:1 into BA avios.

In total, you'll end up with 7128 Avios.

Now Tesco isn't the cheapest place to buy a 5th gen ipod. One of the better prices I found from a reputable seller, is Amazon's £144. That's £45 less. It's not possible to get 2 points per £1 spent when shopping at amazon, so you'll get 144 MR points for your purchase, i.e. 144 Avios. Amazon doesn't provide cashback for ipod purchases.

So buying it at Tesco results in spending £45 more, with a net gain of 6984 Avios. That's 0.64p per Avios, which is pretty reasonable, considering I can generally get 1p per point in value from them.

clearly, it only makes sense if you are in the market for one.

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