Wednesday, 9 April 2014

FLY DUBLIN TO VEGAS ON AMERICAN AIRLINES FOR £63 ! includes all the taxes !

In an earlier post I showed you how to fly return to Vegas from DUB for £130. You can see that post here.

Just to show you that there are indeed many different ways to get super cheap flights, here is how you can fly one-way DUB to Vegas in economy for a total outlay of £63 !  Yes, that's not a typo, £63 is the total cost, and that includes getting the required miles and paying the taxes.

AA saver (i.e. cheap) Awards

American Airlines sometimes has really good value saver awards. Often, these awards involve multiple change of planes and/or long layovers, but occasionally they can be really great itineraries.

A search today on for aadvantage mile (award) ticket DUB-LAS on the 6th of December presented me with the following:-

Note in the top right of that screen capture, the trip price is 20,000 AA miles plus £27.40 in cash. That's for a Saturday flight, with a quite reasonable 4:30 hr layover.

All well and good, but how do you get yourself 20K AA miles.

1) Take out the MBNA AAdvantage credit card.

This provides you with 15,000 bonus aamiles when you spend £1,500 on the cards within three months of signup (it come as a twin pack of cards, 1 American express, 1 visa). You also get 1.5 AA miles for every £1 you spend on the American Express card. So assuming all of your £1,500 of spend is on that card, you will end up with 15,000 bonus points and 2250 spend points, 17250 in total. You can see the details, and sign-up here. There is no annual fee associated with the card.

2) Complete the online AA facebook promotion, that I ran an article on here. This takes about 10 minutes, and will earn you around 1,000 points.

3) Go to, and buy 2000 AA miles. This will cost $59 which at todays exchange rate is about £36. Here is the link.

That gives you enough points for the flight. You then need to pay the £27.40 for the taxes, giving a total outlay of £63.40.

Just to prove the pricing is not a one-off freak thing, I also found 10th of December Dublin to Dallas via JFK  and on the same date, Dublin to Colombus Ohio via JFK, both for the exact same outlay.


I'm not saying that by the time you complete the 3 steps above, any of those particular flights will still be available. However, it shows that with a little preparation, and VERY LITTLE money, you can be effectively sitting with the wherewithal ready to pounce when a desirable flight shows up.

To be clear, none of the links in this article generate any revenue for me, they are not referral links, nor do I get any revenue from clicking through to them.


  1. It was possible to get a free stopover in NYC or Chicago until yesterday....gutted they have removed that now :(

  2. Yes, AA devalued their programme substantially. So far, they haven't changed the cheap AAsaver awards.

    For internal US flights, Avios will often prove better value than using AAmiles, and the taxes only a couple of pounds