Monday, 26 May 2014


IHG has launched a special summer promotion, in association with British swimming, offering up to 50% off standard best flex rates at hotels in the UK and Europe, on a very limited basis.

The booking page for the promotion can be found here.

Some things to note about the promotion.

  1. The rates are non-refundable, you pay when you book, and can not get your money back
  2. It's highly likely that this is a non-qualifying rate, and thus you will get neither points nor stay credit
  3. Availability is mostly during the weekends, although some hotels might have some mid week availability.
  4. You must book by the 31st July. Your stay can be between the 18th of July and the 28th Sept

You will note that the booking T&C state you need either a "membership ID" or an IHG voucher. This page gives you a link to the required voucher, and tells you what you need to fill in on the voucher. Apparently, IHG are happy enough if you are just a fan of British swimming, and thus this promotion is more or less open to anyone.

A test booking for the Holiday Inn Mayfair, 29th of August for 2 nights (bank holiday weekend) gives a rate of £114 versus £199, a 42% saving.

Interestingly, there are some hotels that are participating, but that are not on the list. For example, the IC Le Grand, Paris, does not appear on the list, but offers a rate of €187 against a regular non-refundable rate of €302, a 38% saving, a very decent saving.


  1. Which are the dates at that rate for IC Paris?

  2. I can't recall the specific dates for the about saving.

    However, there are some amazing savings to be had at IC le Grand using this booking code. 29th of August for example, you can get a club room for €267.50 which is exactly 50% of the best available rate of €535

  3. Ok and many thanks. I finally decided to stay in Crowne Paza, Place de la République at a very good rate : 125 euros per night and it is a qualifying rate.