Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Blinkbox is Tesco's movie streaming service that they have been running now for about a year. For new account holders, there is a valuable promotion on offer at the moment, which in association with Topcashback, can result in you getting 2400 Avios for a £5 outlay.

For those who are unfamiliar with Topcashback, just click the link at the top of this page, and you'll find my primer on it. You'll need to sign-up to topcashback to get the most out of this promotion, and I would appreciate if you sign-up via one of the links either on that primer page or in the step-by-step below, as I'll get a small commission for doing so.

Here is the step-by-step guide to getting 2400 Avios.

As a bonus you'll end up being able to watch LEGO...THE MOVIE !

Log-in or sign-up to Topcashback.
  1. Search for Blinkbox on the Topcashback website. You'll see that new sales generate £4.20 in cashback. In fact, it generates £4.20 PLUS 10%, which, for the following will work out at £5.20 in total.
  2. Click through to Blinkbox from that Topcashback page.
  3. On that Blinkbox page, you'll see a promo offering to credit new sign-ups with £5 bonus for a £1 load to the account.
  4. Click through that link, and sign-up to Blinkbox. Once you have signed-up, you will get the chance to avail of the £5 for £1 offer. YOU MUST AVAIL OF THIS OFFER NOW, as this is the only time you will see it. Load £1 to your account from a debit/credit card. When completed, you'll see your account now has £6 in it.
  5. Go to your BlinkBox account settings and insert your clubcard number. (you must do this before the nest step)
  6. Go to this page on Blinkbox. http://www.blinkbox.com/movies/the-lego-movie-(58546). This will bring you to a special promo for the Lego movie. It costs £9.99 for the standard definition stream, and you get 500 Tesco points from Blinkbox for purchasing the movie.
  7. Buy the movie. You have £6 in your account, so the charge will be £3.99. Your total outlay will be £4.99 including the £1 you credited earlier.
That's it. In the fullness of time, Blinkbox will credit your Tesco clubcard account with 500 points. Blinkbox says they will be on your November clubcard statement. When your Topcashback £5.20 cashback becomes payable, you can transfer it into your Tesco account.

 In total, that's £10.20 in Tesco club card points, which can be converted 2448 Avios. With an outlay of £4.99, that works out at 0.2p per Avios.

As a Bonus, you get to watch the lego movie forever and 50% off tickets to LegoLand !

Note, its best to act quickly on this one. The 500 points promo has an end date of 3rd of August, but there is no telling when Topcashback will withdraw the £4.20 for new blinkbox sign-ups, or when Blinkbox might remove the £5 free credit offer.


  1. Tesco is now not on list ....avios and ba however are .... Would this be correct

  2. The Lego movie is still paying 500 Tesco Clubcard points (until 3rd of August).
    Blinkbox is still paying £5.20 cashback on TCB, for new signups on this offer.

    If you are talking about TopCashBack, Tesco is still a payout partner.

    You can also earn Cashback with Tesco. http://www.topcashback.co.uk/tesco/