Thursday, 10 July 2014


Rocketmiles is a hotel booking service, which will give you airmiles from any number of airlines, as a bonus for booking with them. The most useful one within the UK, is AA miles, as these can be used to book BA flights.

I received a promo from them today, offering me 5000 bonus miles, for my next booking. This may only be valid if you have not previously booked with them (I have never used them).

A quick search showed me I could book a night in Belfast for $105. Tht would get me 1000 base AA miles, plus 5000. That's just about 1p per AA mile, plus a free night in a hotel. That price is actually cheaper than the current cost of buying miles from AA.

In case I got lucky, I checked a higher end property. For a random weekend night in August, the Intercontinental Westminster, London, is the same price on rocketmiles as on the hotel's own website, and you get 9000 AA miles, making those 9000 AA miles a genuine freebie.

It is unlikely you will get points or benefits associated with any hotel loyalty program if you book via rocketmiles, but if that doesn't concern you, then, this bonus could be right up your street.

You need to book by the 13th of July, for travel up to the 15th of January. just book via this link to be in line for those 5000 extra miles.

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