Friday, 1 August 2014


UPDATE...Irish Independant confirmed Aer Lingus has "concrete plans" for new USA services

Heard a rumour/speculation today, courtesy of, that Aer Lingus will be launching further flights to the USA in 2015.

If true, this is great news for expanding redemption options out of Ireland. Recall, that you can redeem BA avios on Aer Lingus flights. The big advantage (other than that it super handy for those living in Ireland), is that the taxes and fees for a return flight are around £80, as opposed for the equivalent flight out of the UK. Aer lingus currently flies Boston, Chicago, Orlando, New York and San Francisco.

The rumour suggests that one of the news destinations will be in Texas, so either Dallas, Houston, or less likely Austin. It is also suggested that another East coast destination will be added.

If these flights are coming, one would expect an announcement within the next few months.

UPDATE. Irish independent today ran an article quoting the Aer Lingus CEO

"I will not mention any destinations but we have very concrete plans," Mr Mueller, pictured right, said. He added that those plans would come to fruition before he leaves the airline next May."

So no longer in the rumour dept, it's now a case of wait for the announcement.

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