Sunday, 5 October 2014


Both Avios and BA have partnered with survey companies, who will reward survey participants with free avios. On an on-going basis, these do not provide a great return for the time that you invest in doing them, but the initial sign-up bonuses are well worth having.

Avios partners with "e-rewards" and "rewards for thoughts.". e-rewards gives you 750 avios for signing up and completing your first survey. Rewards for thoughts gives 600 avios. 

Sign-up for e-rewards here.

Sign-up for rewards for thoughts here. currently partners with just "e-rewards". Again, you will get 750 avios for your initial survey. As a pre-caution against e-rewards picking up that you have already registered, I suggest using a different email account.

Go to this page, at the bottom you'll see the link to sign-up.

When you are all done, you'll be in line to get 2100 avios from the 3 sign-ups. And don't forget, if you have a partner, they can also sign-up for another 2100 avios.

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  1. The BA link has been broken for the last few months whenever I've tried it.