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ETIHAD is one of many airlines flying the new A380 wide bodied jet. Their launch route was Heathrow to Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi (AUH) being their home airport.

ETIHAD's design of their 1st class seats on the A380 has been widely applauded as being some of the most innovative and luxurious in the industry. They have gone with just 9 first class seats, BA in comparison has gone with 14 seats in first class. The relative increased space allocated to each seat allows Etihad to justifiably refer to these seats as "apartments"

Artist impression of 2x 1st class apartments on the Etihad A380

Actual photo of same

Note that each apartment has a seat, and a separate flat bed. Some have two windows, others three.Entertainment is provide on a massive 24" TV. Some of the apartments are laid out to suit a couple flying together (as shown above), such that they can sleep semi side-by-side. Food is prepared by an on-board chef. You get the general idea, but for further info, check-out Etihad's own website.

The lowest cost redemption opportunity to sample this apartment for yourself, is to Fly AUH-LHR, and use Etihad miles to fund the flight. Etihad refers to their cheapest rewards as "guest first", with the cost being 55K miles and £15. Yes, if you have the appropriate number of miles, the cash outlay is just £15.

American Express membership rewards allows you to transfer MR points to Etihad miles. The regular rate of transfer is 1-1. However until the 11th of March, Etihad will provide an additional 25% uplift for all miles transferred from MR points.

There are three other unrelated promotions that makes this apartment even more within reach.

1) Open a new Etihad account. Etihad is currently giving all new account holders 1000 miles, once they have any activity on their account. (must happen before the 31st of March). 1000 Points

2) Open a Heathrow rewards account. Heathrow rewards is giving new members 1100 points when they make their first £25 purchase before the 30th of April. To get this offer you must go via the Etihad link above.

3) Transfer the heathrow rewards to your Etihad account. Etihad is currently giving double points for all transfers from Heathrow rewards (transfer mush happen before the 30th of April). 2200 points

4) Do a transfer of 41600 MR points from your American express membership rewards to Etihad. Etihad will increases this to 52,000 points. This transfer must happen before the 11th of March. This counts as activity on your Etihad account, and thus trigger the 1000 points from bullet point one above.

In total you'll end up with just over 55K Etihad points, which is enough for a 1-way flight AUH-LHR in a 1st class apartment. You can check out redemption availability here.

Even if you don't have sufficient (or any) MR points, you should still take advantage of the Etihad and Heathrow rewards sign-up offers. If you are new to American Express, a really easy way to pick up 22K free MR points, is by signing up for the American express gold card, a link for which you can see at the top right of this page. These 22K points can be transferred to a number of programs, including Etihad.

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