Tuesday, 28 July 2015



Chic outlet shopping, a collection of European outlet retail parks, has a history of doing promos with various airline reward programmes, most notibly Avios.

However, this time they have teamed up with Etihad, to provide bonus miles when shopping at any of their nine outlet villages in Europe. In the UK, there is the Bicester village outside London, and in Ireland there is the Kildare village. When you register, all spend will get you 2 miles per £/€ spent, and if you spend 500/€500, you'll get a bonus 500 miles.

Running in conjunction with this promo, but requiring no spend or even a visit to an outlet village, there is a competition for one prize of 100,000 Etihad miles. You simply need to registered by following this link, and you'll be in the draw. Registering does mean you'll get weekly updates from chic shopping, but that's the only requirement. There appears to be no geographic limits on entry to the prize draw.

To give you an idea of the value of these miles, Abu Dhabi to Heathrow in a 1st class apartment on an A380 can be had for 88K miles plus around £40 in taxes and fees. you can check details and some picture of this fabulous seat (which I will be sampling later this year), in an earlier blog entry here.

For anyone who will actually be at one of the outlet villages, and wants to avail of the bonus Etihad miles,  the details of that promo can be found at this link.

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