(Currently, requires £10)

Until 10am on 5th Oct, all new sign-ups via my referral, will get an extra 500 clubcards points into their TopcashBack account, as soon as they generate £10 of cashback for themselves.

Without doubt, one of the easiest ways of supplementing your Avios balance is by using TOPCASHBACK.  This is a website that gives you cashback for your regular online shopping. It has many top tier brand names signed up, think SKY, Amazon, Apple, ASDA etc etc


It's pretty easy. You create a topcashback (TCB) account. Then, rather than going to say,, you go to TCB, sign in, and then follow their link to Debenhams. Then you just make your purchase as usual with Debenhams.

Within 24 hrs, your purchase will show as "pending", on your TCB account. Depending on the retailer, it might then take up to 12 weeks to go from pending all the way through to payable.

This is where it gets interesting. You can take your earned cashback in a number of ways. You can request it paid to your bank account, or you can take it as an amazon gift payment, or paid into Paypal etc etc.

But crucially, you can also ask for it to be paid into your Tesco Clubcard account. You simply provide your clubcard details, and then tell them to pay it out in that fashion. Within a few days, it'll be in your clubcard account. And of course, once it's in your Tesco account, you can then pay it to your Avios account.

As of May 2014, TCB now also has a new payout route, that allows you to transfer you earned cashback directly to Avios.  You should always make use of your full £50 Tesco quota first (see below), as this will give you 2.4 Avios for every penny of cashback, as opposed to 1 avios per penny by going directly to your Avios account. But this does mean that if you generate cashback on an ongoing basis, you can now convert all of it into Avios. The only exclusion is that you can not send cashback to Avios that was earned from travel related companies.


A couple of things. First, each merchant has their own cashback %. Some may only pay a 2%, others might pay 10%, some pay a flat cash figure. The TCB website will tell you the cashback for that particular merchant. Second, Topcashback only allows you to transfer £50 per year to Tesco clubcard, and this year starts when you make your first payment. Regulars will know that £50 in clubcard vouchers translates into 12,000 Avios.


As well as many top tier online stores, topcashback has a whole host of gambling and other websites, that often provide fantastic one-off cashback payouts.

As of the 22nd Sept 2015, the following offers are active

  1. Sign up to topcashback here 
  2. Betfair  - New Poker account, deposit & bet £10. Cashback £25
  3. Equifax credit report - Sign up for a 30 free day trial. Cashback £15
  4. Experian credit report - Sign up for a 30 day free trial. Cashback £5
Note, all of the above must be signed up for via the corresponding pages within topcashback, don't sign up by going directly to the vendor's webpage.

Total cashback for applying for the above is £45 for a total outlay of £10. Important thing to note about the credit reports is that you will need to cancel them before the 30-day free trial is over, otherwise they will start to charge. The Equifax T&C also say you need to keep the account open for at least 20 days to get the cashback, so time your cancellation accordingly.

Just make sure you read the stipulations carefully for whatever offer you sign up for, as many have a number of rules, that if not followed, might stop the cashback being paid. Importantly, some of them say they can not track on mobile devices, so signup on a desktop PC.

When your cashback becomes payable and you transfer the £45 to Tesco, there will be a 5% uplift, giving you £47.25 of Tesco club card vouchers. You will of course also get the £5 of tesco vouchers outlined at the top of this page, giving you £52.50 in total, which can then be converted to over 12,000 Avios. That's 12,000 avios for £10 outlay, and some waiting around.

For clarity, TOPCASHBACK will pay me a small referral fee if you sign up via my referral link and claim £10 of cashback. I'd be very grateful it you did go via my referral, and the referral fee doesn't come out of your cashback earnings. Just click any of the links in this article, or any of the topcashback logos.


  1. not working

    Please note that the use of a Car Insurance promotional/voucher code not posted and approved by TopCashback, may affect your eligibility for cashback. Car Insurance cashback is available through TopCashback on genuine, tracked transactions completed immediately and wholly online.

    If you earn cashback through this merchant, payouts cannot be made by PayPal, Love2Shop, Gift Certificate, Tesco Clubcard, Avios Travel Rewards Programme, British Airways Executive Club or selected gift vouchers

    The rates displayed above will include the cashback bonus relevant to what level of membership you are on when you're logged into your account. If you're not logged in to a TopCashback account, the rates shown will include the Plus member cashback bonus.

    CONFUSED.COM CAR INSURANCE CASHBACK can be earned simply by clicking through to the merchant and shopping online as normal.

  2. Thanks for that. Confused would pay out cashback, however you correctly say it's £2.30 of cashback would not be payable as tesco clubpoints. I've removed Confused (and gocompare), and replaced with alternatives that do pay cashback that is payable as Tesco ClubCard points.

  3. are there ways of setting this up easily as a Us citizen? I dont have a uk address and they want to mail me my tesco clubcard

    1. unfortunately, It isn't practical to take advantage of this if you are not a UK resident. Most of the online vendors assume you are at a UK address, and many of the best ones i.e. the gambling sites will do address verification during signup.

  4. ah, unfortunate! It's a great reward you found. Have you heard any success from someone who worked with their friends in the in the UK to make this work?

  5. Equifax offer specifically states you cannot redeem cashback from this merchant toward Avios :(

    1. Yes, you are correct, however the above system involves redeeming the cashback for each of the stated merchants into Tesco Clubcard points, which is an allowable redemption path for all of them. Once in your Tesco Clubcard account, you can then convert from Tesco points to Avios at the usual rate of 600 Avios per £2.50.

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  7. If I am not UK based, is there any way to get these 12K avios? ( I need 8K avios in urgent)

    1. You have two problems. The first, most (all ?) of the cashback offers will be for vendors that will assume you are a UK buyer. Second, it can take a significant amount of time for cashback to become payable, often a few months.

      The only ways to generate avios "urgently" is to either buy them, or do an American Express transfer from Membership Rewards to Avios, assuming you have an Amex card that has Avios as a transfer partner.